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End-point Security

My Data security packages protect Windows PCs, Mac OS and Google Android systems. All forms of viruses, malware and ransomware automatically secures online backup to all devices in the company. Our systems protects you against all kinds of threats through monitoring ongoing processes and filtering incoming traffic.

Our security software identifies known and unknown malware, rogue attacks and any other malicious behavior even before it exists in the system. Move safely and securely around the digital world with a security package that classifies instantly, so your data is always secured, even when the system comes in contact with a hacker or ransomware.

The Internet can be a paradise for criminals if you don't manage important security issues. Antivirus software regularly scans all your documents and files for viruses and other malicious software. But to ensure a complete security on your systems you'll need a complete end-point security package.

Office Space secured by MyData End-point security
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