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Who We Are & What We Do

In addition to having some of Europe's sharpest IT experts, we also constantly seek to specialize in specific industries and industry-specific software solutions.


MyData is an originally Danish IT company, that has existed since 2007. Today we have over 10,000 satisfied customers, whom we service virtuously with all their IT-related needs. MyData works daily with some of the world's most skilled security companies, where we are constantly working on, and developing products that help keep our customers' digital lives secure.

MyData Backup
MyData Support


MyData's main purpose is to meet customers at eye level and solve their computer and IT related challenges. We make sure that you get fast and efficient help. We can remedy most challenges immediately through remote support.

MyData Antimalware
MyData PC health Check


Delivering the fastest service.

Delivering high-tech solutions.

Being first and fastest.

Getting the job done, every time.

Respect the privacy of our clients.

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