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Solutions & Services

MyData gives their customers time to focus on what they are best at, namely their work and then we take care of the rest.

Our System

Our consulting team is constantly training on new methods and developments within both IT crime and general IT technology, which means that both the quality and handling of our tasks is always top notch.

That way you are in the best hands when problems should arise with, e.g. backup, encryption, malware, viruses or hacker attacks.

MyData Turva Consultant
MyData customer on Computer

End-point Security

Protect your computers and mobiles from malware and hackers.

My Data Development Team

Secure Hardware

Protect yourself and your business from Ransomware and dataloss.

On a Video Call with MyData

Tech Support

MyData is home for some of the most highly developed IT talent in Europe.

Classmates talking about MyData Security

Security Checkup

Find holes in your current IT solution and find out what you need.

How Can We Help?

MyData provides homes and businesses with complete digital security solutions for complete coverage, as well as, remote IT support for any occasion.


My Data offers some of the world's most efficient scanning tools. Contact us today for a demonstration.


The personal firewall controls all network traffic to and from the system. Prevent unwanted traffic in or out of your computer and secure your online browsing and shopping.

AI based
Threat detection

Traditional cybersecurity is struggling to keep up with sneaky new malware. Our AI based technology, leverages Big Data and AI to monitor every running application on your system.

& Training

As a premium customer at My Data, you can always contact our skilled customer service by both email and phone. 

Disaster recovery
& Backup

Get your data set up with disaster recovery on up to 14 servers worldwide. All our systems run AES 256-bit encryption.

External IT-department
& Support

We offer a quick and easy service in a language that is understandable, there is no challenge that is too big or too small when it comes to support at My Data.

Why MyData?

MyData is an IT company with focus on the individual and local business, so you know you are in good hands when your working with us.

Cafe running on MyData Security

Simple and effective

MyData's software solutions operate smoothly and seamless on your digital end-points regardless of operating system. Our Malware engine and threat identification platform is powered by AI target assessment, which means we dont need recognize a threat to eliminate it. 

Total Security

All of MyData's solutions are complete and total security packages. We never cut corners in our systems assessments and we always ensure that our clients are safe from not only malware, but also hackers, ransomware and various types of digital scams.

Built for SME's

MyData understands the daily tech challenges of Small and Medium sized businesses and have build our services and our support department to accommodate these challenges. Call us any time during business hours and lets discuss the solutions we can provide for your SME business.


MyData works perpetually with the most renowned cyber security experts in the world to constantly improve and develop the solutions we provide to our clients. This is the only way we can feel comfortable offering a service to protect our customers' digital lives.

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