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Secure IT Equipment

Many elements go into a secure digital everyday life, MyData closes the gap for hackers by delivering Europe's most complete security solutions. Therefore, MyData must of course also offer secure hardware. You can order our complete catalog or request a consultation about your needs, at the bottom of the page.

Featured: Secure laptop from Lenovo

A laptop by professionals, for professionals

By combining security and productivity features with a simple design, powerful technology, Lenovo has created a series of computers that are perfect for professionals in small and medium-sized businesses.


The computer is built from the ground up with long-term performance and reliability in mind. Therefore, the battery life is also optimized for a busy day, but one of the longest operating times on the market.


Superior security

All V-Series computers come with a special screen that limits the ability to see you over the shoulder, using special LED lights that only allow you to see codes and private information when looking directly at the screen. In addition, many of the models have camera covers so you can physically close the webcam. Many models also allow you to log in and out of systems securely using biometric fingerprint recognition.


In addition to the various security measures Lenovo has chosen to implement in the design, the V-series also has a number of different tricks up its sleeve when it comes to digital security. You can read more about this in our product descriptions or ask your MyData consultant about it.


Designed for the future

Computers in the Lenovo V-Series offer a wide range of features that digitally secure you and your business. With Solid State Drive, the computer's hard drive can keep up with all incoming connections without any problems. In addition, all models have USB 3.0 and a network card that allows connection to both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz Wi-Fi frequencies.


To also ensure backward compatibility in the office, all our V models have LAN connectors and CD-ROM drives at the same time. The frame is designed in polycarbonate, to ensure a stylish touch and at the same time a durable piece of hardware that can manage to get on the go.

Image by Vladimir Fedotov
Image by Gevorg Avetisyan

Order a consultation

For further information, you can order our hardware catalog or contact your My Data consultant directly on 60 20 2000. We are ready to evaluate your needs and offer you the safest hardware at the most reasonable prices.

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