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Business security checkup

Small and medium size businesses is the new Eldorado for conspicuous hackers around the world, especially Europe is highly exposed to continuous attacks from international hackers. Are you ready, secured and prepared for when they target your network and devices?

Security testing for SME Businesses

In an increasingly complex digital world where the number of professional hackers is growing daily, it is of the utmost importance for the most vulnerable businesses to take charge of their digital security.


Many business owners are unfortunately still operating under the impression that small and medium size businesses are not typical victims of hackers and targeted malware, like ransomware.


Unfortunately, reality is that SME businesses are the designated target of 8 out of 10 hacker attacks. This is because these businesses are statistically the least protected and most vulnerable segment to attack.

With a security test from MyData we review your company’s entire platform for security holes and identify threats that may have already infected the system. We will of course remove any malware, as part of the process.


When the testing and cleaning is concluded we will provide our client with a complete action plan on how to ensure the safety of the company’s data and digital operability moving ahead.

Whether you are a hairstylist or a carpenter, we all use digital devices to aid us in our everyday life and work. Imagine what it would mean to you, if hackers compromised these devices; affecting your bank, your schedules, your accounting, and everything else that comes with that.

Two Computer Screens

What is in a security checkup package?

Security check

We perform a thorough security screening of an endpoint on your system. This gives us an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the current security setup. The screening will help us provide guidance on where the focus should be, to strengthen security and reduce the risk of falling victim to cybercrime.

Computer diagnostics

Our security consultant will provide comprehensive diagnostic services and are able to identify where the PC problem originates from. We can treat any computer problem, as well as optimize the computer so that it again runs at best performance. Of course, the red team staff will always take into account personal data and critical system processes when operating remotely with a client’s devices. 

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Consulting and action plan

Our IT consultants provide advice and guidance, tailored to your unique needs. Through dialog we ensure that you and your business has the best information and pre-requisites for protecting your economy from digital threats. During the consultation we can also help with general challenges and problems with the computer or system. No challenge is too big or too small for us to help with during the agreed timeframe.

Repair and secure

If there are problems with the structure or a specific program, our consultant can usually remedy the problem immediately. In addition to this; whether it's repairing system errors or fixing new issues, MyData's support department is always ready to help on any weekday.

Who needs it?

Any SME business that operates partially with the use of computers for client managing, accounting and/or payments needs to continually revise its digital workspace safety.

Grocery Store Worker


A complete security checkup and assessment with MyData, will provide you with the following essentials:

-    Test of your IT security

-    Diagnostics of you system

-    Identification of security gaps

-    Action plan for safety measures

-    Guide to a safer digital workplace

-    Sparing with a professional consultant

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