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Remote IT Support with MyData 

Get help with your software or any other technical IT issue you might have in your daily operations. We are ready to accommodate you and your business on all weekdays during regular business hours.

MyData's remote support makes it easy and simple to provide IT support.

We use a remote support tool called TeamViewer. The program connects people and their computers in an incredibly fast and easy way. Share the computer screen and allow our IT supporter remote access to your computer, so he or she can see the problem with his or her own eyes, and quickly remedy it.


MyData specializes in external PC support, which means that once you have an appointment, you will be guided through the entire process. From the installation of the remote support tool, to the final solution of your IT challenges, takes place with us in the tube.


Why do we prefer remote support?

Get support right away

Our Specialized IT supporters are ready on all weekdays to help you with your IT challenges. This means that you have to wait a maximum of a few minutes before you can get help with an urgent issue.


At MyData, we have been using our remote support program to solve support tasks since 2010. This has resulted in huge savings and cost reductions in support tasks and thousands of hours of downtime saved by our clients. The reduced cost has also enabled us to provide unlimited free support to all our premium clients since 2016, and now in 4 different languages.


This means that both small and medium-sized companies can benefit from IT security and support, which before was only available to large global corporations.

Faster and smarter

Not only have we greatly reduced the time between the problem occurring and the time at which we can start finding a solution. Then we have also increased our efficiency in the troubleshooting itself, which means that our customers can move forward quickly and continue with their work.


When you receive IT support from My Data's support team, you do not just have one consultant available, you have contact with the entire MyData support department at once. This means that in a few seconds you can be transferred from a general support employee to a specialist in the exact area you need help with.


A strategy that has led to us being able to solve 97% of the most challenging situations in a few minutes or hours, and using only remote support.

Secure and encrypted

Our remote support applications include 2048-bit RSA encryption for private and public key exchange, as well as AES 256-bit session encryption on all remote connections. Combined with two-factor authentication, forced password replacement and logging of all connected devices, our remote support application makes it one of the world's most secure communication tools.


Once you have downloaded our remote support program, you can be 100% sure that your computer or IT system is under secure, encrypted, processing by a professional IT consultant from MyData.

A great way to get to know you

Our award-winning support consultants are the voice and face of our vision of creating simple solutions to complicated problems and meet each and every client, member and partner at eyelevel with user-friendly and inclusive services.


We care about the human touch in a digital world and would love to get to know you better whilst making your everyday life in cyberspace more intriguing and smooth running. So don’t be afraid to hit us up and have a chat about what we can help you and your company with.

How does it work?


Contact Support

Write or call us and tell us about your problem. The more details the better. We can resolve your issue immediately or agree on a time that fits your schedule. We have the manpower to accommodate you any time.



You can prepare by downloading the TeamViewer app on your computer or other device before your consultation. If the installation of TeamViewer has not been successful, we will of course guide you through the process over the phone.



One of our skilled IT supporters will assist you remotely on the computer. Typically, the issues can be resolved without your presence in front of the computer, so you can continue with your daily work in the meantime.

Hotline Consultant

Download TeamViewer here:

Down here, Windows and MacOS:

If first link doesnt work, try this one (Windows only):

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