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It is not enough that we have greatly reduced the time between the problem occurring and we can start finding a solution. Then we have also increased our efficiency in the treatment itself, which means that our customers can move forward quickly with their work.

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When you receive IT support from My Data's support team, you do not just have one consultant available, you have contact with the entire MyData's support department at once. This means that in a few seconds you can be transferred from a general support employee to a specialist in the exact area of expertise you need help with.


Does your company and household adhere to the guidelines that keeps your digital lives safe.


We remotely test your website for security flaws based on your website specifications.


Is your home computer as safe as you think it is? Let's find out, well test your systems while we brief you on the process.


Does your company have the required process planning to avoid a digital disaster? Talk with one of our consultants and find out today.

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Consulting on your terms

At the Center

Come down for a cup of coffee and a talk about your security needs. Just please let us know in advance, but phone or email.

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MyData specializes in remote customer support using secure encrypted connections. We solve 98% of our clients digital challenges with remote support. 

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Reach out to MyData and learn more about why we are the preferred cyber security and IT support provider, get the information you need to keep your digital life safe.

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