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MyData home security systems is the extended arm of our trusted business security and support services packed in a simple and effective package for the private user that values a secure connected home and high quality support services.

Keep the family safe with MyData

2020 was yet another year with the highest ever recorded number of successful attacks on both mobile phones and computers in Europe, the homes and private devices are now more than ever in the scope of hackers and cybercriminals around the world.

The diverse infrastructure and wide range of devices connected on most home networks makes them exceptionally vulnerable and easy to breach. In addition to this, most homes does not have a budget for cybersecurity and therefore are not as well protected as most businesses, which makes them an ideal target for mass distributed ransomware, phishing attacks and keylogger eavesdropping.

This is why MyData has packaged industrial-grade cybersecurity systems on a simple and user-friendly platform for home users, so you and your family can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a complete protection system deployed on each end-point on the home network.

MyData Home Security

MyData Backup

MyData Home

Keeping your family memories safe and secure

Encrypted Cloud Backup

Secure all your devices completely and automatically with MyData’s award winning encrypted cloud backup system. With MyData’s encrypted backup you can easily control what needs to be backed up through a clear and understandable dashboard.


The system offers ultra-safe encryption technology, geo location, as well as, remote deletion and the ability to identify duplicate data. Protect all your data, no matter where it is. MyData backup backs up all your devices - computers, servers, tablets and mobile phones.

Anti-malware System

MyData antimalware and firewall protects you and your home from all kinds of threats, this is done by deploying ongoing and comprehensive AI threat-monitoring. Our system logs and categorizes both ongoing processes and incoming data.


By the use of AI technology, our antimalware engine Identifies known and unknown malware, ATPs, rogue attacks and any other malicious behavior, even before the attack is initiated. The integrated personal firewall guarantees you wi-fi protection, secure online browsing, online banking and much more.

My-Data Home

Intelligent Anti-malware

Keeping the hackers out

Unlimited IT Support

My Data Home

Call us any time...

Technical Support

MyData’s support team now includes a dedicated unit specialized in the IT challenges of a home environment. This means we are here to provide you with comprehensive problem solving of your everyday IT challenges during our regular opening hours.


Whenever, you or your family, experience a security breach attempt we will be there to support and guide you through the best course of action. In 99.9% of cases we can provide a complete recovery of compromised systems within a matter of hours or minutes. And because we are providing our support remotely, we can attend your issue within a matter of seconds.


Our support department is also always ready to log on your system remotely and help you with your everyday challenges like setting up new equipment or the handling use of technical software.

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