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MyData Career Center

MyData is a young and dynamic IT company that places great emphasis on teamwork, knowledge sharing and cultural exchange. We are a dedicated and innovative organization that seeks to make the best of all that new IT technology has to offer.

Work with a diverse team of experts

In addition to our offices in Denmark and Sweden, conference systems and remote management systems enable us to work with experts, programmers, and consultants from around the world.


As part of our backend operations, we are collaborating  with countries like Thailand, United States, Spain and Japan to name a few.

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What jobs are available?

Mobile IT-Support

We are currently looking for skilled customer support representatives with strong IT capabilities for positions where the professional challenges are plentiful. Get close to you customers as part of our fleet of mobile IT supporters who deploy and support customers when remote support is not enough.


As a mobile customer supporter, you will be part of the MyData global support team with branches for 5 different countries. Your primary task will be to provide support at offices and various workplaces in your area. We are currently looking for supporters in Finland (Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Tampere) and in Sweden (Helsingborg and Malmö).

Technical Consultant

Our technical consultants mainly provides comprehensive diagnostic services and are able to identify the cause of complex computer and security problems. MyData can identify and resolve 99% of our clients digital challenges.

Of course, the red team staff will always take into account personal data and critical system processes when operating remotely with a client’s devices.

Hands on experience with security and systemstesting is an advantage, but not a requirement.

Phone Supporter

As a call center consultant with MyData you will be providing advice and guidance, tailored to the clients unique needs and user-profile. Through dialog we ensure that the client and their business has the best information and pre-requisites for protecting their assets from digital threats.


Depending on which  sub-section you will be assigned to, support tasks might vary from helping a client installing Office 365, to setting up an SQL database for a larger organization.

Account Manager

As an account manager with MyData you will be in charge of the customer experience journey as well as new customer acquisitions. You will be working closely with the sales manager and relative team leader in your specific language.

MyData's account management team receives continuously train and practice how to give the customers the most agreeable and positive experience with MyData, especially in the initial phases of the onboarding process.

How do I proceed?

We are always looking for new talent at MyData and you are always welcome to email your application to us for these or any other jobs with MyData.



Please contact your relative local MyData branch with your application and resume:





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