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Backup Solutions

MyData’s encrypted backup automatically performs scanning and cleaning of all documents and files so that viruses and ransomware are sorted out before the files are uploaded to the backup servers.

You will be able to recover all important data, in a few clicks. In case of an incident, leading to data loss, you will have minimized your down time and ensured a full recovery of the affected data. MyData’s backup solution has won several Gartner awards, which is not without reason; with AES 256-bit encryption, UltraSafe MAX encryption key and 14 redundant copies, it is one of the most secure backup systems in world history.

MyData backup is a seamless and automated system, always running while you get the job done. Our encrypted backup operates on all platforms and systems on computers, servers and mobile devices alike. With our software, you will never worry about lost data again.

Using MyData Backup
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