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MyData report: Digital vaccination passports are coming

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

The race to develop secure and safe apps, passport and other devices to prove you have been Covid-19 vaccinated has already been going on for a while.

Many companies would like to be the first coming up with a solution to how the public can prove they have been vaccinated, but there is still a long way to go, and everybody is working on their own system.

Currently there is no international or national standards to determine what would be the best practice for keeping track on Covid-19 vaccinations and that´s why both big and small companies are competing to create their own standards.

Right now, a wristband and a handwritten note are in many places all you get when you have been vaccinated, and it´s a card like this, companies, among other things, are trying to digitalize.

MyData has already registered and tested several apps that keeps track of various information regarding a person’s health. Apple Wallet and Google Wallet are bots apps, used normally to store things like boarding passes and tickets to events, but soon they might be able to store information like a vaccine card. This would then be available to show to anybody who, for example, would require proof of a vaccine.

The main reason for the long development time is the lack of security, current testing system are missing. It can be quite difficult to distinguish between the real information from fake ones, and companies, who develop the electronic app, are forced to prioritize security before launching their app.

The world is waiting to open up again, and one of the parties wanting the app more than anyone are the airlines. Emirates Airlines have already developed their own app to help reduce the long lines at the airport due to manually checking all the paperwork to go through the check in, and many more airlines are expected to be ready, or close to be ready when the restrictions are reduced and travel again will become easier.

A medical passport might be the future, but many challenges will need to be addressed before an international launch, because nobody are really sure what would happen if all our medical records would be stored on your phone.

The big companies like, Microsoft, Oracle and Salesforce are looking beyond just vaccine proof, and we will most likely soon see advancement where your whole life can be stored on your phone in the future.

The technology will allow us to move forward, but it will not come without a cost. The more information we store in one place the more volatile we are to hackers, internet thieves and other people looking to profit from the information stolen, but that´s a story for another time.

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